If you believed that mail-order brides were a thing of the past and that any schmuck who had scrape together enough money to swoop them up preyed upon impoverished damsels in distress in rickety nations, think again. International unions facilitated by brokers and dating websites are much more prevalent than you might think, and the idea still has some rather negative connotations ( see Yakushko & Rajan, 2017 for examples ). http://south-brides.net/

The term «mail-order wife thehomebodydiva.net» used today refers to a lady who purposefully selects an international husband. She commonly does this via a foreign matrimony company or an online dating service. She may receive compensation from the company for her contribution, but another times, she is responsible for covering the costs.

People may choose to become mail-order brides for a variety of reasons, such as the need to began families, the lack of economic prospects, and the social and political issues in their household state. For instance, the machismo cultures of many Latin American nations make it challenging for women to find respectable men ( Jackson, 2002 ).

There are many happy and loving tales of couples who met through the process, despite the fact that the idea of «mail-order marriages» has some very negative implications. In truth, figures indicate that mail-order marriages in the United States have a lower chance of ending in marriage than regular unions. Perform mail-order unions therefore work? It’s a challenging question.